At Avenues we believe technology can be a great aid in education, from our iLab, where we teach design, programming and engineering, to the 1+1 laptop and tablet program we use with our students. The devices our children use are powerful on their own; but what enhances their inherent value is the enormous range of available apps, which lets students do diverse and amazing things. As a school, we investigate and test many apps, trying to find ones that fit the specific needs of individual faculty members, students and scholastic units. To help your investigation, we are sharing our discoveries via a weekly app recommendation.

thinkrolls-kings-queensApp of the week: Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens

Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens is the newest logic puzzle app from the award-winning Avokiddo creative app studio. As with all Thinkrolls apps, it is filled with puzzles that challenge kids’ abilities to think logically using their knowledge of physics and mechanics. This game is a little more challenging in terms of problem solving compared to the first two apps, but it is well worth the effort to “think” and “roll” with a plan of action and learn from the outcomes.