At Avenues we believe technology can be a great aid in education, from our iLab, where we teach design, programming and engineering, to the 1+1 laptop and tablet program we use with our students. The devices our children use are powerful on their own; but what enhances their inherent value is the enormous range of available apps, which lets students do diverse and amazing things. As a school, we investigate and test many apps, trying to find ones that fit the specific needs of individual faculty members, students and scholastic units. To help your investigation, we are sharing our discoveries via a weekly app recommendation.

space-tinybop-175x175bbThis week’s app: Space by Tinybop

Space by Tinybop is the eighth app in Tinybop’s Explorer’s Library, a series of STEM sandbox apps for kids that are designed to inspire curiosity and foster lifelong learning. The app lets kids explore the solar system through interactive games. To begin, users select a rocket and then blast into space to visit a particular celestial body and interact with it through multiple activities. Kids can explore each planet comparing them by size, weight and many other unique features, such as windstorms and volcanoes. Just like astronomers, kids conduct scientific tests with their own set of tools. Space is a fun, interactive app that lets kids boldly go where no kid has gone before.