• Students participating in an activity borrowed from naissdlc awarenessday avenuesnyc
    • Awareness is power and you are part of that movementhellip
    • Equipped with maracas the children sang Alegre vengo Saludos saludoshellip

    Avenues: The World School shared Hudson Guild's post.

    The fifth graders had a wonderful time visiting Fulton Senior Center for Avenues and Hudson Guild's Community Day!
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    The group of Avenues students attending the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival grows every year: bit.ly/2jAN4To ... See MoreSee Less

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We were glad to be able to share this program with parents.

HIP, or High Intensity Practice, is in its second year at Avenues, and our HIP Stories gathering marked the first time parents joined their children to celebrate the work they’ve been doing in HIP Writing.  More...

Our group of poetry enthusiasts grows every year.

On October 2, a group of 13 visited the Dodge Poetry Festival, a biennial four-day celebration of the art form in Newark, NJ. A smaller group of students attended the festival two years ago, but this year's group had more than doubled in size, proof of Avenues students' ever-growing interest in the written and spoken word. More...


Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens is filled with puzzles that challenge kids’ abilities to think logically using their knowledge of physics and mechanics.  More...

Getting ready to enter a gallery.

On a sunny day in late October, the pre-K Goldfish class headed out hand-in-hand from Avenues to view some art.  More...

Students explore mathematical themes in The Phantom Tollbooth.

Sixth grade students examined the mathematical concepts in a book they were reading for English class.  More...


The app turns screen time into active time with hundreds of fun movement videos.  More...

Reaching for the sky.

Enjoy some of our favorite blog posts and videos from 2016. More...

Avenues Spanish 5 juniors and seniors speak to the Liceo 7 students for the first time and begin exchanging social media accounts for future one-to-one communication.

For the past several weeks, Avenues Upper Division Spanish 5 classes have been communicating with students from Liceo 7, an all-girls school in Santiago, Chile. The idea of the project is to have students converse in both English and Spanish to practice their second language outside of the classroom, while acting as a sort of linguistic mentor to their pen pals to teach their native language.  More...


Avenues upper grade students designed and built a “tiny house”—literally a house that cannot exceed 100 square feet—for the science nonprofit Black Rock Forest Consortium.  More...

As part of their World Course, kindergarten students create a life-sized figure of themselves.

In a kindergarten art class, the students and I talked about how to mix brown from red, yellow, blue and white. Then I gave them a cup and challenged them to mix their own skin color. More...