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    Intercultural Comedy with Jesse Appell
    “Intercultural comedian” Jesse Appell of Laughbeijing and the US-China Comedy Center guides Avenues students through an improv class – entirely in Chinese – and discusses why comedy is an act of cultural exchange: bit.ly/2lrYGWC
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News and Discussion from Avenues
EXPLORE our educational philosophy and curriculum. Engage with us as we discuss the future of education.
MEET the people of Avenues—faculty, administrators and staff.
VISIT the campus and learn about our Chelsea school, life in our neighborhood, and surrounding New York City.
VIEW stories that illustrate life at Avenues, including videos on our curriculum, faculty and visiting experts.
The girls work on their problems.

Writing math problems encourages meaningful communication of mathematics, promotes problem-solving skills, allows for differentiation in the classroom and slows down the thinking process. With this in mind, I showed recently the girls in the Girls Who Math club some examples of the type of problems Ms. Scully’s class of fourth graders were solving in math and we decided to write similar problems with a Valentine’s theme.  More...

The students analyze evidence.

Imagine if your typically peaceful day at Avenues was suddenly interrupted by the discovery that a horrible crime had been committed. Much to your surprise, the chief of the newly formed Avenues Department of Investigation then tells you that it would be up to you and your team of forensic scientists to collect the proper evidence and make sure the correct suspect could be brought to justice. This is exactly the scenario that the Avenues 5th graders encountered in science class this fall. More...

A Tiger proudly shares an act of kindness.

It all started with a simple conversation about kindness back in September. With a new configuration of students, and some students brand new to Avenues, it was important to establish a classroom community of inclusivity and respect. We first created a list of classroom rules – child-generated ideas that everyone agreed on to help keep our bodies, our classroom and our school safe and happy. More...

In improv comedy workshops, Jesse led students through a series of games and activities designed to improve eye contact, hone concentration and encourage spontaneity

“Everything I do in China, whether it’s buying vegetables or telling jokes, is a form of cultural exchange,” Jesse Appell told Avenues students during his visit last November. Based in Beijing for the past four years, Jesse has forged a career as a cultural intermediary between China and America.  More...

Students read their books to one another.

Because first graders had been studying friendship as part of their World Course curriculum, we thought a wonderful way of combining this study with the writing skills they were working to learn would be to engage in a “Book on Friendship” project, in which students could become authors of their very own books. More...

Students played scores from a variety of films.

On Thursday, January 19, at 6:30 p.m., we were delighted to bring the sounds of Hollywood (if not the climate) to New York during a performance in the Black Box Theater. More...


The goal of Tinybop's Me app is to help kids build skills like self-awareness, social awareness and emotional literacy. More...

The managing board hard at work on edits and layout.

From the artwork to the poetry, the photography to the humor, each and every detail present in issue VII contributes to an impeccable display of interdisciplinary teamwork. More...

Students needed to think rationally, philosophically and creatively in order to solve problems and come to agreements.

The World Peace Game is a hands-on, week-long political simulation that gives players the opportunity to explore the connectedness of the global community while thinking about over 50 economic, social and environmental crises and the imminent threat of war. More...

Pairs of girls each choose a cause that interests them and learn more about it through online graphs.

What do you get when you have 16 middle grades girls in the same room? If you guessed gossip, meanness or superficial conversations you haven’t been in my classroom during the Girls Who Math after-school club! I established the club out of my concern regarding teenage girls’ attitudes towards math. Many girls in middle grades […] More...