• Kristen Paino presenting our LD global collaboration projects at thehellip
    • Kristen Paino and Ben Lesch presenting the LD Creative Computationhellip
    • Our 4th graders put on a great variety show yesterday!hellip

    Avenues: The World School added 4 new photos.

    Upper grades students attended several plays this year and had the opportunity to speak with cast members of two Broadway productions: bit.ly/2tktYlC
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    Avenues: The World School added 4 new photos.

    These middle grades students received a crash course in wit during the “LOL: Making Comedy Gold” Minimester: bit.ly/2uAhlqI
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Students in the theater with actor Carra Patterson of Jitney.

Theater is for everyone – or at least it should be! It not only has the power to move and entertain, but watching relationships and characters live on stage that may mirror our own lives or expose us to the experiences of others gives us a greater understanding and empathy for all humanity. More...

Making one another laugh during improv.

For the third straight year, our middle grades comedians brought the house down as part of the “LOL: Making Comedy Gold” Minimester course! Every afternoon for the whole Minimester week, a group of a dozen students met to play improv games; watch and analyze famous comedians and classic comedic sketches; and plan and workshop their own original material. More...

The firefighters from Engine 3 make a surprise visit!

After taking a class field trip to the Fire Engine 3 in Chelsea, we decided to work with the children to create their own fire station as one part of our neighborhood capstone project. Completing projects in the immersion classroom is always challenging because of the added language component, but after seeing how much the students loved the fire station we were confident their enthusiasm for the theme would encourage them to finish this ambitious three-week project. More...

At the Newseum.

This spring, the editorial staff of The Highliner joined Mr. Mendel and Ms. Trotter on a two-day field trip to Washington D.C. The trip honored the hard work and dedication of our upper grades student journalists by providing them with an immersive journalism-focused experience in our nation's capital. More...


During a talk at Avenues, bestselling author and futurist David Bodanis describes the life and work of one of history’s most fascinating scientists.  More...

KODAK Digital Still Camera

We are excited to tell you about Small World, our new program for 2-year-olds at Avenues: The World School. We hope that children and their families will greet it enthusiastically!  When children are 2 years old, they have no idea what school really is. Small World will be a child’s introduction to school – a […] More...

The Anti-Tourist’s Guide

On April 17, middle grades students kicked off Minimester, a week of elective courses in which students explore various areas of interests. The goal of Minimester is to expose students to topics and experiences the ordinary schedule doesn’t allow. These elective courses run for half or full days and offer opportunities to use the city as an extension of the classroom. More...

Trying out different drums in the music room.

Kindergarteners engaged in an exciting self-expression unit exploring storytelling, visual arts, dance and music.  More...


Just days before spring break, upper school students were greeted in Food by the smiling faces of The Highliner staff in what has become something of a treasured ritual. As upper graders shuffled out of the elevators for lunch, they received fresh copies of The Highliner Issue VIII. More...

Onstage at the Hudson Theater.

Students gave their regards to Broadway during the toe-tapping, song-singing, subway-hopping, intensive Minimester week as they learned the ins and outs of the theater world and got to know some of the people behind the scenes of Broadway productions.  More...