Meet Lana Parker

Lana Parker

Dr. Lana Parker joins Avenues this fall as the Lower School psychologist. She is a New York State licensed psychologist and has more than 20 years of experience working with children. She comes to Avenues from Pediatric Assessment, Learning and Support (PALS) in New York City, where she performed neuropsychological assessments and individual therapy with children and adolescents.  More...

Pen Pals of the Future

Pen Pals

This summer, 20 Upper School students participated in a groundbreaking online writing program to help them continue to improve their writing throughout the summer. After working last year with students in the writing center and getting a better feel for their needs, I developed the program late last spring. Initially, the idea was for students and teachers to correspond as pen pals throughout the summer.  More...

Social Innovation Live – Final Reflection

The design process

Social Innovation Live was presented to us as a “group internship with a social venture” designed to provide us with an internship experience while in a structured class setting, with a focus on design and social impact. Oliver and I were excited about working for a real company but did not know what to expect. More...

MAD MINUTES – A Maddeningly Good Way to Reinforce Skill Building

Working through the problem

One of the central concerns about inquiry-based learning in math is how students build a strong understanding of basic skills. It sounds attractive to present students and parents with a pedagogy that has problem-solving as its goal—any problem that is not confined to the space of a chapter or unit. More...

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Why Mastery?

Noah explains his improved soccer cleat

Toward the end of last year, something really important happened in the Upper School at Avenues. A group of 14 bold students and two talented teachers pushed the very young mastery program to its next level with a fifth-term mastery lab. The infant program stood up on its feet and started walking. More...