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The readers, eaters and writers in this course spent their mornings during the minimester week delving into the world of culinary journalism. Their objective was to notice how food writers use the senses of sight, smell, taste and touch to bring a culinary experience alive for their readers. More...

Congratulations to Avenues’ Extended Day Amelia Robinson

Avenues’ extended day music teacher, Amelia Robinson (known to her students as Ms. Amelia), is a talented musician. She is the founder of Mil’s Trills, whose debut album, Everyone Together Now!, has been accepted into the children’s music category for the 57th Grammy Awards. More...


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Inquiry and a Silent Conversation

A silent conversation

The inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning is central to an Avenues classroom. As teachers, we seek to help children construct their own knowledge and understanding by presenting our students with open-ended questions. We set up an environment in which students learn by exploring possible answers to such questions, as well as their own questions that arise as they dig more deeply into an inquiry. More...

New Teachers

At the beginning of every school year, Avenues welcomes many new teachers to the school, and some returning teachers are in new positions with new responsibilities. To make sure no one gets lost in the shuffle, this is where we will introduce new teachers and staff members on OPEN for the next few weeks. More...


App of the Week – Epic!


Epic! is a subscription-based eBook library iPad app for kids ages 12 and under that instantly streams thousands of high quality children’s books. Epic! has been called the “Netflix of kids books” – with over 5,000 books currently available and new titles added each week. More...