App of the Week – Talkboard


Talkboard is a free collaborative whiteboard app that allows multiple users (from across the room or around the world) to write, draw or sketch on the same screen in real time. The app has simple drawing tools, a variety of colors and even an audio feature. More...

Fifth Grade Drama

Group Shot

It’s been a jam-packed first few weeks at Avenues. And for the fifth graders, it’s been a big adjustment to the Middle School. It has been fascinating watching them figure out how to open their lockers, navigate changing classrooms and schedules and make new friends. More...

Minimester – Dinner Lab

Dinner Lab
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In this minimester course, 12 Avenues students under the supervision of Maggie Wollner, the head of eighth grade, worked with the Dinner Lab team to design and host a dinner event at Avenues that transformed our third floor into a full functioning restaurant. More...

On Teaching 尊师重道

Second grade Chinese class being visited by 11th grade Chinese students

China has long considered “honoring teachers and respecting teaching” as one of its underlying national values. From the quote of Confucius (“among any three people walking together, there must be one who can serve as my teacher”) More...

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Meet Li Jing

Li Jing

Li Jing has joined Avenues, working out of the headquarters office, where she is working on marketing and enrollment for Avenues–RDFZ World School in Beijing. More...


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