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Rugged Rovers is a design/engineering app developed by the Science Museum in London. The object of the app is to design a rover that can travel as far as possible across the Mars terrain. When users get their rovers stuck, they can go back and try a new design.  More...

“A Skull Is a Different Story…”

Lower School science teachers Lizzie Rosenberger, Stephany Arcentales and Jacob Goren at NSTA

In early November, the Avenues Lower School science teachers—Stephany Arcentales, Jacob Goren and Lizzie Rosenberger—attended the National Science Teachers Association meeting in Orlando, Florida to present a new interactive book, “You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover, but a Skull Is a Different Story.” More...

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The Avenues – Chelsea Piers Partnership

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The Avenues physical education program focuses on motor-skills development, fitness and conditioning and balance and agility, while providing sport-specific training in a wide and diverse array of sports. Students in all grades benefit from an extensive physical education curriculum, utilizing proven teaching methods developed by Chelsea Piers and its expert staff over the last 15 years. More...

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Get to Know Avenues: Adult Language Institute

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The Avenues Adult Language Institute (ALI) has concluded its fall session, and spring classes are on the way. Avenues parents and employees alike attended the 12-week courses in introductory Spanish and Chinese once a week from September to December. Over the course of the semester, students made great strides in their oral and written abilities and ended the semester with a pair of culturally appropriate celebratory dinners. More...

APP OF THE WEEK – Words for Osmo

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Words for Osmo is a word puzzle game that is designed to be used with the OSMO iPad system. The app presents players with a picture and blank spaces for the number of letters in the word the picture represents (similar to Hangman). Users place letters in front of the iPad to spell the word represented in the picture. Correct letters earn points and incorrect letters lose points. More...